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Where's Daddy when you need him?

Their Vietnam War Mettle (Mike Thompson)

"I want a deferment, just like my heroes Dick Cheney and Rush Limbaugh and..." (Doonesbury)

Fraud Of George''s Guard Year (FOGGY)

By Hubert Wilson

AIR Guard dreaming in Alabama, real pleasurama!
FORCEd to read magazines on being safe, makes me chafe!
MANUAL dexterity only for this duty rarity!

35 minus 35 equals days drilled actually fulfilled?
99 was the year, the smoke began to clear!

HUMAN sighting, not noted in writing!
RELIABILITY of dental report, comes up short!
PROGRAM to jerk security clearance, caused his disappearance?

30 days and 30 nights, no W in sight?
19 was W's mental age in this act so obscene?

About this poem:
For Baron 52 and its brave crew which did not go AWOL on Febuary 5, 1973, continued to fly, and paid the ultimate price.


Chickenhawk in Chief (Yahoo Photos)

Vietnam Decorations

Pull a few strings and his records disappear... (Mike Peters)

Mayday! Mayday! that George with Jane Fonda?

Still can't find those WMDs...

Just because they haven't been found yet...

The truth about George W. Bush's missing year revealed at last! By Tom Tomorrow

"This flight suit is so cool!! It sometimes makes me wonder why I never fulfilled my commitment to the Texas Air National Guard!"[Cartoon by Carlson]

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