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Who served in the military?

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The full Chickenhawk database
(N.H. Gazette)
The 108th Senate

Complete list of Vets in Congress

Let's all take a look at this neocon Bush administration.

Prominent Democrats

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Who's that guy shaking hands with Don Rumsfeld?  Was this footage shot on Rumsfeld's first trip to Baghdad, Dec. 19-20, 1983?  Or was it on his second visit, March 24, 1984, the VERY SAME DAY that Iraq was using mustard gas and Tabun in its war with Iran?

Prominent Republicans

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Here are a few more...


Great at cheering on others to do the fighting, yet too scared to enter the fray himself.  Truly a wimp, like the rest of the chickenhawks.



Fighting Democrats

Back from the front lines, the veterans listed below ran for Congress in 2006. Why were almost all the veterans coming home from Iraq running as Democrats?

Punditocracy and Preacher-types (See also Media Whores Online)


And let's not forget the Coast Guard...

The brave men and women of the United States Coast Guard risk their lives every day to protect our nation and save thousands of lives every year. The Coast Guard is in fact a branch of the United States Armed Forces.

About the National Guard Today

Dear Friends:

Having been a reservist and now in a state defense force serving with Guard in my state, I wanted to ask you to clarify for the masses the HUGE difference between the National Guard during the Vietnam War and today. After the establishment of the All Volunteer Force in 1976, the reserves and Guard became a major source for deployment. More than 40 % of the Army's combat arms units are NG. In fact, a big chunk of the folks who have served in Bosnia/Kosovo are reserve and Guard. The same is true of deployments to the Gulf in recent times.

The Guard and Reserve are no longer a haven for those who wish to dodge hazardous service. Hope you can make that clear to folks who might not otherwise understand and respect the volunteers in the reserve services today. It might be interesting to how many of the sons and daughters of politicians are serving in ANY capacity. Ahem. CPT B

Couldn't have said it any better...

The New Hampshire Gazette's Chickenhawk database

Complete list - members of the 106th Congress with Military Service. Why is the Republican leadership so top-heavy with Chickenhawks??

In response to NewsMax's "Deck of Weasels"...check out the Deck of Republican Chickenhawks!

Got other names to submit? Please let us know about heroes or chickenhawks, on either side of the aisle. (Hey, do your homework and include a link with any name you send us, OK?)

Re military personnel and public perception of Democrats v. Republicans in general.

How often must Democrats defend their party against the typical freeper blather of draft-dodging, service-evading, unpatriotic cowards among us? More often than we have to.

Gore was right all along. About some things. The "truth" IS on our side.

Or, as puts it:

THE CHICKENHAWKS "Conservatives make great fun of President Clinton for questioning the Vietnam War, standing up to his beliefs and questioning his own participation in that war as well, i.e., being honest and walking the walk of his own belief system [and then giving up his student deferment to subject himself to the draft!]. On the other hand there were literally millions of dishonest hypocritical, cowardly right-wing loonies who supported the war while refusing to personally participate."

Put the dog down and salute properly, George.

In response to Newsmax's "Deck of Weasels"... check out the "Deck of Chickenhawks!"

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